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Title: Determination Of Stresses And Structural Performance In Polyethylene Gas Pipe And Socket Fittings Due To Internal Pressure And External Soil Loads
Author: William B. Allman
Source: American Gas Association 1975
Year Published: 1975
Abstract: Du Pont has developed special techniques for predicting long-term hydrostatic pipe strengths as well as the structural performance of fittings and pipe due to internal pressure and external soil loads. This paper summarizes these techniques and experimental work as it applies to polyethylene pipe and socket fitting. Procedures will be discussed which provide a basis for polyethylene gas distribution system design. Du Pont, as a pipe system producer, is vitally interested in knowing about all aspects of the long-term performance of polyethylene gas distribution systems. Our research and development has involved three basic areas and this report covers these studies and is in three parts

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