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Title: Measurement Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Author: Fred G. Van Orsdol
Source: 2008 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2008
Abstract: LPG products include propane, iso-butane and normal butane. These products can be stored or transported as liquids at moderate pressures and ambient temperatures. Transporting LPGs in the liquid phase is much more efficient than transporting them in the vapor phase, since so much more mass can be contained in the same space. One gallon of liquid propane, for example, will produce about 36 cubic feet (269 gallons) of propane vapor at atmospheric pressure and 60F. LPGs are produced by refineries separating and fractionating the light ends from crude oil or by natural gas processing plants that remove and fractionate the heavier components (propane plus) in the natural gas stream. Ethane is not generally considered to be an LPG, even though gas plants extract it from natural gas. It requires high pressure or very low temperatures to maintain ethane in the liquid phase. Ethane products typically serve as feedstock for chemical plants.

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