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Title: A Model For Estimation Of The Ultrasonic Acoustic Noise Level Emitted By Pressure Regulating Valves And Its Influence On Ultrasonic Flowmeters
Author: Marcel J.M., Vermeulen, Geeuwke De Boer, Jim Bowen
Source: American Gas Association 2001
Year Published: 2001
Abstract: In the last decade the applications of ultrasonic flowmeters (UFM) for custody transfer, allocation metering and check metering has considerably increased. The benefits of using UFMs are generally acknowledged and the number of applications is continuously growing. Consequently, UFMs are also being installed in pressure regulating stations where, in the vicinity of the UFM, a valve may be present. Due to the pressure cut accross the pressure-regulating valve the dissipated energy is partly converted into acoustic noise. The acoustic noise extends as well in the audible range as in the ultrasonic range. The ultrasonic noise (US-noise) can interfere with the ultrasonic signal (US-pulse) transmitted by the UFM. If the US-noise level is higher than the level of the US-pulse, the signal gets lost and no flow measurement will be possible. In this report a practical model will be presented that determines the specific operating conditions for which an UFM, in the vicinity of a regulating valve, can operate safely. This model is based on research and experience over a number of years and has proven its usefulness.

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