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Title: Velocity Type Pressure Boosters
Author: K. R. D. Wolfe
Source: 1945 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1945
Abstract: The subject we are going to discuss is that of improving distribution pressures with gas pressure boosters of the velocity type. It is assumed that all of us are familiar with the conventional gas distribution system, and on that assumption, we all know that as gas is put through a pipe line, there is a certain pressure loss due to the friction of the gas moving inside of the pipe line. Therefore, to maintain a given constant pressure at the far end of the system requires an increasingly higher pressure at the town border station as the demand for gas increases. This discussion will be confined principally to intermediate or high pressure loop lines where the pressures generally run from one pound pressure on up to much higher values. The Fisher- King Booster which we are considering is not intended for low pressure in ounces or as a district regulator, but is limited principally to reducing from pounds to pounds, such as the town border station regulators, where the pressure is later reduced, either through district regulators or house service regulators.

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