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Title: A New Concept Of Flow Totalizing
Author: Claude B. Nolte
Source: 1966 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 1966
Abstract: This paper is a discussion of a black box which, when attached to an existing orifice flow recorder, converts it into an integrating flow meter. It is produced in the form of a kit designed to be attached by the user to the various orifice meters commonly used in the field and in the plants. (Figs. I, 2, & 3). This device opens up a whole new area in orifice flow measurement because it increases the accuracy of interpretation of orifice meter data by a factor of 10. The flow signal is converted into direct digital readout without the requirement of chart processing or planimeiering. The device is battery powered so it may he installed in remote areas where power is not available. It will operate up to a year from a battery of two D-size flashlight cells.

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