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Title: Scada And Telemetry In Gas Transmission Systems
Author: Gerry Browne
Source: 2001 American School of Gas Measurement Technology
Year Published: 2001
Abstract: A common requirement for gas transmission pipeline systems is to provide a pipeline control system to remotely monitor and operate the pipeline from a central location. This paper presents an overview of the main components of a pipeline control system: 1. Field Instruments, Analyzers and Actuators 2. Controllers 3. Telecommunications 4. SCADA systems 5. Advanced Pipeline Applications SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. A Supervisory Control system is a system that has the ability and intelligence to perform controls with minimal supervision and a Data Acquisition system has the ability to gather data. They are commonly used in the gas, oil, electric and water transmission and distribution industries where facilities are spread out over a large area.

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