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Title: Computerized Cathodic Protection Records One Companys Program
Author: E. Dale Dooley
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: 192.491, Corrosion Control Records, of Subpart I of the Department of Transportation Regulations for Transportation of Natural and Other Gases states that records must be reteiined, for as long as the pipeline remains in service, of each test, survey, or inspection required by Subpart I, in sufficient detail to demonstrate the adequacy of corrosion control measures or that a corrosive condition does not exist. This regulation has made companies become more aware of their recordkeeping systems. Before the DOT regulations, and when most companies were starting corrosion control programs, various forms of manual record keeping systems were devised. As pipeline systems expanded and new information was added to the records system, the data began to pile up. Such was the case at Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, and it was decided in 1977 to conduct a study of their manual records system.

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