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Title: New Concepts In Industrial Regulators
Author: Louis J. Delaney
Source: 1966 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1966
Abstract: The newly designed Industrial Series 1800 regulator incorporates a pinion-lever mechanism between the valve plunger and diaphragm stem with positive engagement to hold a constant ratio power between the valve orifice and diaphragm, resulting in no lost motion and quick response. The valve, seat disc holder, and diaphragm section are easily removed by loosening the cast iron valve head and body by the use of a Buna-N O ring. There are two seat disc holder available one designed for low inlet pressures, with a built-in booster effect, and one for smaller valves for higher inlet pressures. The industrial Series 1800 was designed to conform to the A.G.A.-G.A.M.A. X-50865 regulator specifications. The two new concepts for additional safety available with the industrial Series 1800 regulator are the overpressure shutoff and the underpressure shutoff. The Overpressure Shutoff feature provides positive shutoff in the event of an increase of pressure to a specified predetermined setting. The assembly is part of the regulator valve head, but in no way connected to the regulator operating mechanism. The overpressure shutoff unit must be reset manually. This safety feature is available for domestic regulators and on industrial regulators to provide safety from excessive high pressure entering a house service, schools, public buildings, or industrial establishments.

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