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Title: Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Station Dispenser Meter Evaluations
Author: P. F. Rowley, K. Kriha, C. F. Blazek
Source: 1995 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1995
Abstract: The Institute of Gas Technology (IGT) has constructed a multi-purpose meter evaluation facility capable of testing metering technologies for high flow rate and high pressure NGV dispenser applications. The objective of IGTs meter evaluation program, sponsored by IGTs Sustaining Membership Program and the Gas Research Institute, is to assist the industry in evaluating the performance and accuracy of currently available flowmeters that are being used or could be applied to CNG gas dispensing. These meters are tested at various flow rates and pressures to determine their performance under NGV fueling station operating conditions and to identify the performance characteristics and limitations for each meter. The metering technologies which are being evaluated under this program include Coriolis meter, sonic nozzle meter, and turbine meter designs.

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