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Title: Long Term Stability In A Calibrated Time-Domain Network Analyzer
Author: Donald C. Degroot And Jeffrey A. Jargon
Source: 1998 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1998
Abstract: We report on a fully calibrated digital sampling oscilloscope with time-domain reflection/transmission (TDR/T) capabilities. This system, known as a time-domain network analyzer (TDNA), calibrates Fourier-transformed TDR/T waveforms using a conventional network analyzer error model, and is used to measure the rf and microwave responses of devices and interconnects. While our TDNA measurements closely match data obtained with a commercial frequency-domain network analyzer (FDNA), we observe a difference in the TDNA results that increases with frequency. By comparing identical TDNA calibrations, we determine the upper bounds on the uncertainty due to the repeatability limits and show the overall accuracy of our TDNA system to be limited by the oscilloscopes ability to repeat measurements in the short term. Remarkably, this measurement uncertainty did not increase when making measurements as long as one week after the initial calibration.

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