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Title: Calorimeters Operation Installation Maintenance And Testing
Author: Donald F. Scholtes
Source: 1979 Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (Now called ASGMT)
Year Published: 1979
Abstract: Gas Natural, Synthetic, Liquid, Manufactured, or a combination of all of these, thats Gas. As the demand for gas increases, there is a corresponding increase in the cost which is due, in part, to the exploration, transportation, and handling. This cost increase focuses a more direct attention to accurate B.T.U. measurement. A number of meters turbine, orifice, or positive meters may be used to measure the volume of gas that is marketed. Volume may be large or small, but the recording calorimeter will measure the final B.T.U. This energy unit, when multiplied by the corrected cubic unit of any or all of the various meters in a system, determines the unit price to the customer.

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