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Title: Effects Of Oxygen And Other Trace Elements On Liquefaction Plant Operation
Author: Walter E. Schmid, Walter Linde
Source: American Gas Association 1975
Year Published: 1975
Abstract: In the past the quality of natural gas in the United States and Canada, which is used as a feedstock to LNO peak shaving plants, has been fairly uniform. The shortage of natural gas reserves and increasingly poor deliverability may cause elements and compounds to show up which may affect the operation of LNG plants. This may be so on account of unconventional gas sources such as from SNG plants or because of differences of handling natural gas production (e.g., air teaks into low pressure field piping). The purpose of this paper is to discuss the effect on LNG plant operation of unconventional trace constituents as they have appeared or may possibly appear in the future. These constituents generally do not affect the normal transmission, distribution or apphcation of natural gas but they may be detrimental to the processing steps used to produce, store and vaporize LNG. These steps essentially consist of purification and reduction in temperature. Some times they include the recovery or production from the feed of components to fill a mixed refrigerant cycle and make up leakage losses from it.

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