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Title: A New Acoustic Flowmeter Measuring The Mean Pipe Flow Velocity
Author: Wan-Sup Cheung, Jin-Sung Suh, Jong-Seung Paik
Source: 1999 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1999
Abstract: This paper proposes a new technique of directly measuring the flow velocity averaged along the finite length of the pipe as well as over its cross-sectional area. Unlike the conventional flowmeters, the proposed technique exploits the onedimensional plane waves that propagate uniformly across the pipe cross-sectional area. When a fluid flows along the pipe, the plane waves are superimposed with the flow field such that the positive-going and negative-going plane wave components undergo the change of their wave numbers. Such wave number variation due to the mean flow velocity has provided a major motivation for developing a new way of measuring the mean flow velocity in the pipe. To shed light on theoretical understanding about the acoustical phenomena and to examine the feasibility of the new measurement technique of the mean flow velocity in the pipe, dedicated experimental setups have been also developed in this work. It consists of three major parts: the microphone arrays used to measure the change of wave number along the pipe, the horn-driver generating a standing wave inside the pipe, and a flow rate controller tuning the flow conditions along the pipe. Experimental data observed so far, including the comparison of measured results obtained by the KRISS standard flow measurement system, are shown in with discussions.

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