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Title: Emergency Planning And The Governmental Interface
Author: George B. Auchy
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: Whether it is based upon logic or emotion, pragmatism or hysteria, there is growing public perception that the presence of an LNG facility in a community brings with it the potential for accident scenarios with disastrous or catastrophic ramifications. Resultant public, political, and media pressures have manifest themselves in the form of increased regulatory activity mandating such things as the development of emergency response plans, or the conduct of training with community emergency response teams, or the conduct of emergency drills, and so on. To the LNG facility operator with little or no expertise in these areas, it may well appear to be another bureaucratic exercise involving considerable personnel assets or expensive consultants. It need not be, however, and it is hoped that some of the experiences Distrigas went through in this area may prove beneficial to others.

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