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Title: Too Much And Too Little
Author: F. Donald Hart
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: T have no intention of continuing in tone or tenor my remarks of 1975 . . . not that I question their pertinence. Regrettably the persistent problems of last year still stand clearly astride the path to progress in solving our many difficulties. While we continue to face those challenges which must be resolved with mind and money, changing circumstances call for fresh observations and frank judgments. In the face of this self-imposed mandate, how can I best convey the impact of the events that unfolded since we were last together? As I view it, 1975 can best be described as a year of Too much and too little. While flying from Washington, D.C, to San Francisco a week or so ago I was able to dwell a bit on some of the happenings of 1975. Weve seen conflict in Africa. Weve observed the tragedy of earthquakes and national optimism over a strengthening economy. Weve been simultaneously bewitched and bewildered by an array of presidential aspirants. But then, as the plane moved on across our great country, I had other feelings.

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