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Title: Geomechanical Analysis And Decision Analysis For Delta Pressure Operations In Gas Storage Reservoirs
Author: Michael S. Bruno, Glenn Dewolf, Stephen Foh
Source: American Gas Association 2000
Year Published: 2000
Abstract: One of the most cost-effective ways to increase deliverability and working gas capacity in gas storage reservoirs is to operate at higher pressure (increased delta pressure). A common practice in the U.S. and Canada has been to operate gas storage reservoirs at pressures less than or equal to original reservoir pressure due to concerns for caprok integrity, fracturing, faulting, and gas loss. However, original discovery pressures do not always represent the maximum short-term pressure capacity for the formation. In many instances the pressure can be safely increased by a substantial margin if the geomechanical behavior and stress conditions of the reservoir and overburden is well characterized. The economic viability of such operations can be evaluated through quantitative decision analysis, taking into account and balancing economic benefits, conversion costs, and any additional risk costs. This paper describes step-by-step processes to evaluate both the technical feasibility and the economic feasibility for delta presssure operations at gas storage reservoirs.

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