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Title: System Replacement By Plastic Insertion
Author: Gerald C. Dewandeler
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: System replacement at Michigan Consolidated Gas Company is nothing new, as it has been an ongoing procedure for years. When it is determined that repair to a portion of main is no longer economically feasible, the portion of the facility affected is replaced. In the same manner with service lines, guidelines are established which determine whether the facility will be repaired or replaced. Generally, if the service hne involved is bare steel or not polyethylene plastic, it is replaced. If the service hne is copper or coated steel pipe it is repaired. Replacement of mains can be initiated in several ways including urban development, public improvement projects, replacement in connection with cathodic protection, miscellaneous reasons (including the economics mentioned above), or more recently the area replacement method.

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