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Title: Performances Of The New Smm Flow Conditioner
Author: D. Dutertre, V. De Laharpe, G. Mouton, A. Strzelecki, P. Gajan
Source: 1999 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1999
Abstract: Although widely used, turbine meters are very sensitive to installation effects. They require minimum straight pipe lengths, even when existing flow conditioners are installed. Therefore, Gaz de France has developed a new flow conditioner, the SMM conditioner, specially designed for use in pressure reducing stations upstream of turbine meters. The use of this conditioner results in much smaller stations, meaning less building work, lower installation costs and reduced environmental impact, while at the same time providing an excellent measurement accuracy. This device totally eliminates the effects of strong flow disturbances. It allows the turbine meter to be mounted directly downstream of any pressure regulator, without affecting the metering accuracy. The conditioner was rigorously tested by Gaz de France, Gaz du Sud-Ouest and CERT/ONERA, using LDA experimental measurements, and compared to the most efficient existing flow conditioners. Validation tests have been successfully carried out under real operating conditions, on a delivery station of the Gaz de France network. This paper presents this new flow conditioner, the experimental tests and their results, and gives some conclusions on its efficiency.

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