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Title: Orifice Meters
Author: A. F. Benson
Source: 1945 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1945
Abstract: Of the above meters, by obtaining a seal tube of sufficient length for the 200 meter the 20 to the 200 have interchangeable high side pots. In addition to the above we build a 100 meter with 3000-lb. pressure test good for 1500-lb. working pressure, and a 50 meter for the same pressure range. The Westcott Orifice Meter is also supplied in, 50 and 100 differential ranges for a static pressure test of 4500 lbs. and static pressure test of 10,000 pounds, the first meter being suitable for 2500 lbs. working pressure and the last meter being suitable for 5000 pounds working pressure. In addition to the above, a Bell Type Float Meter is available in 1 to 10 differential range for pressures up to and including 250 pounds. Westcott Orifice Meters are also supplied in Dry Type or Bellows operated, one design of which is suitable for Figrure 1 250 lbs. working pressure, the other for 1000 lbs working pressure

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