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Title: Summary Of Gas Metering Research Priorities For The Gas Distribution Industry
Author: John G. Gregor, Robert L. Bass, Robert J. Mckee
Source: American Gas Association 1991
Year Published: 1991
Abstract: In the competitive years ahead, flow measurement equipment will need to perform more accurately, more efficiently, and more economically over a wider range of conditions. The Gas Research Institute (GRI) Metering Research Facility (MRF) at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has been developed as a test and calibration facility to evaluate and develop metering technology in order to improve the state of the art of field measurement. The Low Pressure Loop (LPL) of the MRF is uniquely suited to conduct research for distribution measurement applications. The research priorities of the distribution industry have been identified through an industry survey and contacts with key industry committees. The resulting priority topics include effects of elevated delivery pressures on diaphragm meters, evaluation of electronic P/T correctors, improved electronic flow measurement, and others. The research plans, which have been developed for the GRI MRF program, address these needs and will develop the procedures and credentials for use of the MRF LPL in distribution metering research, testing, and calibrations activities.

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