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Title: A Portal To Create Transparency In Production And Fiscal Measurement Data
Author: Lex Scheers Oi-Mee Voon And Tjidde Boers
Source: 2009 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2009
Abstract: The paper describes the development and implementation of a tool that will optimize work processes between the Metering Data Consumers (Reservoir Engineers, Production Technologists, Operators, Programmers, Metering Engineers, etc) and Metering Data Providers (Facility or Metering Engineers, Maintenance/Production Operators and Production Chemistry). The connecting link between the Metering Data Consumers and the Metering Data Providers is a web-based portal, called Metering Atlas. This portal collects data related to measurement equipment from the various software applications and data sources that are used in the oil and gas business. Examples of these software applications and data sources are an instrument and meter engineering master database, data historian, hydrocarbon oil and gas production administration system, laboratory information systems, financial, resource and work planning systems, etc. Although all these software applications are in principle independent and they all have their own workflow processes, their own data flow and their own custodian, it is obvious that combining the information from these independent software applications will results in valuable additional information regarding the status of a metering system. Combining all this information it is possible to judge the health status of a metering system, whether it can be trusted or distrusted. By having all this information available in an easy accessible web-based system, with easy navigation, similar to an atlas, also creates transparency of the companys metering system with the Metering Data Consumers and might initiate discussions regarding improvements (or relaxations) of requirements of metering facilities. Ultimately this will lead to an optimal focus on metering equipment and delivering production data of adequate quality.

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