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Title: Practical Selection And Usage Of Coriolis Meters For Gas Measurement
Author: Tonya Wyatt
Source: 2017 Western Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2017
Abstract: oriolis meters have been commercially produced and gaining in popularity since the late 1970s. While Coriolis meters were more commonly used for liquid applications initially, they measure liquids, slurries and gases very precisely. Use of Coriolis meters for gas applications ha s become increasingly popular since 2003 when American Gas Association (AGA) Report No. 11/American Petroleum Institute Manual of Petroleum Measurement (API MPMS) Standards Chapter 14.9 , Measurement of Natural Gas by Coriolis Meter was published. The seco nd edition of AGA Report No. 11/API MPMS Chapter 14.9 was published in 2013 and expanded the guidelines for the use of Coriolis meters for natural gas measurement

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