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Title: Theres More To Erosion Control Than Protecting The Pipe
Author: Ralph P. Carter, Cindy A. Cahill, Donald O. Johnson
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: Planners for the gas transmission industry must clearly understand the principles and techniques of controlling soil erosion and sedimentation during and after installation of pipelines. The two main forms of erosion upland, and stream bank and channel are each influenced by a different set of variables and thus must be resolved by different techniques. Estimates of potential soil loss by upland erosion may be made by using the Universal Soil Loss Equation erosion-prone areas are quickly identified in this way. Various combinations of vegetative, mulching, chemical, and physical approaches can then be selected to prevent or minimize erosion. In controlling erosion along stream banks and channels (essential at pipeline crossings), revetments, dikes, and pilings are used. Whatever the problem, it is essential that potential erosion-prone areas be identified in the early planning stages. Both time and money will be saved by anticipating the problem and being prepared to counter it with the proper techniques during and after construction.

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