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Title: Effects And Control Of Pulsation In Gas Measurement
Author: Robert J. Mckee
Source: 2008 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2008
Abstract: Accurate gas measurement has always been important in the Natural Gas Industry and is even more essential in todays operating environment. Flow meters not only determine how much energy is bought and sold but how much a transportation company is paid for moving gas. One of the most common measurement errors and the most difficult to identify in metering is that caused by pulsating flow. Pulsating flow can be problematic for essentially all types of gas meters. It is important to understand the effects that pulsation has on the common types of flow meters used in the gas industry so that potential error-producing mechanisms can be identified and avoided. It is also essential to understand pulsation control techniques for reducing pulsation effects. This paper describes the effects of pulsation on orifice, turbine, ultrasonic, and other meters used in the industry. It also presents information and suggestions on how to mitigate pulsation effects at meter installations, including a specific procedure for designing acoustic filters that can isolate a flow meter from the source of pulsation.

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