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Title: Measurement And Regulation Operations Of A Ldc The Day To Day Operations Of A Ldc, Including Measurement And Regulation Techniques
Author: Ron Carnahan
Source: 2012 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2012
Abstract: An LDC is an acronym for Local Distribution Company. This refers to one of the links in a long chain of natural gas production and sales which begins in the research, exploration, drilling and production of natural gas wells, and ends with sales to distribution companies and other customers including industrial, commercial and residential. All of the natural gas along this supply chain must be measured with some form of natural gas meter in order to contractually account for the sales to various customers. Also it is very likely that the pressure of the pipelines that connect the various systems together must be controlled with regulators to safely protect the population of the communities and customers who are served. Many papers have been dedicated to the history of gas measurement and principles of pressure control philosophy so this class will not spend much time on these topics (Sargent 2010 American Gas Association 1984). This discussion will focus on the measurement and regulation techniques involved in safe and accurate operation of a local distribution company or LDC.

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