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Title: A Four-Laboratory Intercomparison Of Water Flow Measurement Facilities In Asia Pacific Area
Author: Lung-Hen Chow, Jiunn-Haur Shaw
Source: 1999 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1999
Abstract: To assure the consistency in their individual claimed error and measurement uncertainty, four participating laboratories in Asia Pacific area, including Center for Measurement Standards/ITRI (CMS) in Taiwan, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), Shanghai Institute of Process Automation Instrumentation (SIPAI), and Daqin Design Institute & Measurement Research Institute (DDIMRI) in China agree to adopt the generally accepted practice of the international flow measurement community to conduct an inter-laboratory comparison round-robin test of water flow measurement facilities. Test program exhibits DN 100 twin-orifice plates with associated tubings used as a transfer standard, DN 100 water flow measurement facility chosen in each laboratory with test flowrate selected about from 19.7 to 117 m3/h, and precision differential pressure measurement ranging from 4.4 to 156.8 kPa approximately. The resulting Time Youden plots finally were drawp from intercomparison data to statistically illustrate degree of conformance at 95% confidence level for all four facilities. The measuring capability and performance of precision differential pressure measuring device Rosemount Model 3051 C applied for intercomparison program during these two years is also being reviewed and reassessed. This intercomparison test campaign is part of a continual realization and promotion to prospectively facilitate formation of a regular group for exercising the key comparison in flow measurement field around the Asia Pacific area.

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