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Title: A Systems Engineering Approach To Calibration Procedure Development
Author: Bruce Bluteau
Source: 2009 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 2009
Abstract: The United States Navy, as well as, other Department of Defense (DoD) organizations use calibration procedures to define methods for verifying the performance of Test and Monitoring Systems (TAMS). These systems maintain the operational capability of weapons and systems that are an integral part of upholding U.S. national security. The traditional method for calibration procedure development is a hardwired (or hard-coded) approach that results in a product that is difficult to maintain and expensive to modernize. This paper describes a Systems Engineering approach that creates a modular group of measurement processes that can be combined to form a traditional calibration procedure. The advantage to this is the reduction of development time for new calibration procedures and a reduction in time and cost needed to modernize existing calibration procedures.

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