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Title: Introduction To Statistics
Author: Malcolm Sherwood
Source: 1966 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 1966
Abstract: This class has been designed to introduce briefly the subject of statistics for average practical application by gas measurement men. Because the class will be followed by a quality control seminar, it will not include the subject of sampling. The subjects to be discussed are simple techniques that can be used on a variety of problems. Because of the limitation of time, there will be no discussion of statistical theory. It is felt that in such a short class period this would only complicate the practical understanding of these very valuable tools. The discussion will involve the following: (t) Frequency Distribution, (2) Averages (Arithmetic Means), (3) Standard Deviation. (4) Normal Curves, (5) Probability, and (6) Correlation. The use of the word statistics generally has two connotations. Statistics can mean a body of data, facts, and information. Statistics also can mean a body of methods, based on mathematical theory, that are used to study and evaluate data. It is the latter definition that will be stressed in this class. Al this point it should be mentioned that statistical methods are used solely for the purpose of simplifying data. Slatistics .should nol be used al any time to make numbers, figures, and data more confusing. The discussion here will be made in this context.

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