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Title: Activity In The Role Of A State Metric Council
Author: Valerie Antoine
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: State metric councils can help make the slates metric conversion in an economical manner, with a minimum of confusion, if the members of the council are selected according to the ideal formula for such bodies. This formula is discussed and an outline is given of the operations of the CaUfornia Metric Conversion Council, which is probably the most active slate metric group of the 15 groups now in existence. Appointment of quaUfied-member metric councils by ali states and support for a strong U.S. Metric Board is urged. Lack of careful and timely conversion planning could help increase economic chaos, just as U.S. lack of foresight in planning for strength in U.S. weaponry and armaments is now causing the nation to hurry to catch up with the USSR, at a tremendous cost.

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