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Title: Customer Curtailment Surveillance
Author: Arnold Olson
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: Washington Natural Gas Company Customer Curtailment Surveillance is done in several ways. In order for our policies to be more meaningful, a brief history of the Company and its practices in the past and present would be helpful. The Company has approximately one-quarter of a million customers. Nine hundredeighty of these are curtailable. There are two rate schedules under which interruplible gas is sold, Rate 85 which is a low priority interruptible service with 139 customers which in 1976 had approximately 100 days of curtailment. A higher priority is Rate 86 which had 17.5 days of curtailment. There are 841 customers in this rale class. The Rate 86 customers pay more per therm of gas, and are generally smaller customers such as schools, apartment houses and small manufacturing companies. Six hundrednine of these interruplible customers both interruptible rates) also purchase firm gas through the same meters. This complicates surveillance.

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