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Title: Recent Developments In Residential/Commercial Gas Equipment Research
Author: Stephen D. Ban, Vincent B. Fiore
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: GRIs mission is to plan and implement a research program providing mutual benefits to both the gas industry and the gas ratepayer through provision of improved energy services from a cost and performance standpoint. A major goal of the Gas Research Institutes program in utilization is to provide benefits through developing advanced technology options leading to increased efficiency and improved performance of present and future gasfueled equipment and appliances to serve the residential and commercial markets. These benefits can only be realized if the results of GRIs R&D are used. Therefore, GRI emphasizes the application of research results. GRIs objective in the current program is to provide the consumer with gas energy services of equivalent or higher quality and at competitive or lower cost than alternative energy sources. GRI believes that this is a good business strategy for the gas industry and is in the best interests of the gas consumer.

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