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Title: Metrication-From A Gas Industry Supplier Viewpoint
Author: W. H. Shenkle
Source: American Gas Association 1975
Year Published: 1975
Abstract: When originally asked to present a paper on metrication I was still working in my previous assignment. In that position I had an opportunity to be part of the early stages of metrication planning within Rockwell International. Let me first assure you that our Corporation is proceeding with that planning in the full expectation that metrication will come to the U.S.A. and expects be ready to take advantage of this opportunity as it unfolds. Over the past two or three years, as the metric issue has heated up and then cooled down, much has been written about the units of the SI system, hard conversions, soft conversions and so forth. Since this audience is obviously interested in metric in upcoming changes that will affect your future, elaboration on those aspects of going metric will not be done. Rather, let me describe for you what has happened at Rockwell to get us to the point that we truly do look at metrication as an opportunity. Hopefully you, as members of A.G.A., will also sieze upon this as an opportunity.

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