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Title: Offshore Regulatory Problems
Author: John K. Cassell
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: If I had the opportunity to retitle my remarks today, I would be sorely tempted to substitute the word paralysis for problems, for we are indeed dangerously close to a state of paralysis in our efforts to explore for and develop our nations offshore petroleum resources. Ironically, and bitter irony it is, most of our problems stem from well-intentioned, environmentally-oriented laws enacted by Congress during the past 15 years. In some instances, these laws contain high-sounding phrases which lead the reader to believe that essential resource development is indeed a prime objective of the legislation. A striking example of this is found in paragraphs (I) and (9) of Section 102 of the Outer Continental Shelf Land Act Amendments of 1978 (Figure 1).

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