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Title: Management, Measurement, And The Metrology Handbook
Author: Jay L. Bucher
Source: 2005 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 2005
Abstract: No matter the project, program, or problem if timely, effective results are desiredone should be making measurements and acting on the data throughout the management process. Such was the case with writing The Metrology Handbook. With eight coauthors located between Wisconsin and Texas, Georgia and California, and a few points in between, this could have been a management nightmare. However, by assigning areas of responsibility, time lines for completion of writing, reviewing, and commenting, and closely monitoring each of these processes, the impossible became the probable, and our aggressive deadlines were met. Even in the face of non-performers, and when participation was interrupted by job and family requirements, alternative solutions and switch hitters stepped up to the plate. Should this be considered a piece of cake? Not by anyones imagination. This paper explains what processes were put in place how they were managed and the obstacles that were overcome. Included are some lessons learned that might help others as they try to herd a group of cats.

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