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Title: Identification of fault patterns in turbine meters of the statistical analysis by means of the statistical analysis of the pulse ratio
Author: Jose Luis Garcia Montejo Manuel Antonio Ortiz Montuy Uriel Inocencio Alegria Rodriguez
Source: 2018 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: This research is focused on a flow measurement syst em that uses a turbine flow meter as a primary element, in normal operation con ditions turbine flow meter frequently present interrupts and causes can not be detected in a timely manner. Flow volumes losses not established during a period of failure , normally they are reconciled between the seller and his client throug h agreements that sometimes do not satisfy one of the parties in such a situat ion both parties require valid methods to apply for all failure events. The objective is to present a failure detection met hod by means of pulse registers generated by the turbine meters. in the first insta nce, the moment in which the failure occurs is determined secondly an estimated volume of the unaccounted period is determined. Measurement system used in this research is compose d of three measuring train of ten inches installed in parallel. Each flow elem ent is calibrated yearly.

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