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Title: Overview Of Acoustic Emission Technology For Distribution Systems
Author: Renny S. Norman
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: The U.S. natural gas distribution system consists of more than 840,000 miles of distribution mains and about 540,000 miles of services. Care of this piping system is a major maintenance task for the gas industry. The system consists of pipe and fittings of various materials, ages, and sizes. It operates at pressures ranging from less than one pounds per square inch to hundreds of pounds per square inch. The mains and services are buried at different depths in varying types of soils and is exposed to a wide range of environmental conchtions. Construction and maintenance operations of gas distribution companies include installation of new mains and services as well as maintenance and repair of existing systems. Maintenance expenses alone for distribution systems were on the order of 850 million in 1982.

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