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Title: The Development And Performance Of A Low Uncertainty Flexible Multi - Viscosity Calibration Facility
Author: W.R. Johansen T. Cousins D. Flournoy J. Reiner
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: Flow measurement for custody transfer is required to be very accurate. The accuracy of custody transfer flow measurement is directly affected by the calibration of the custody transfer flow meter. Custody transfer flow meters may be calibrated onsite or they may be calibrated at an offsite calibration facility. In either case it is very important to hav e a characterization of the meter performance over the Reynolds number range the meter is to be us ed. The characterization of meter performance will vary from meter to meter even though the manufacturer is careful to maintain control of the meter geometry. This means that every custody transfer meter should be calibrated over its entire operating Reyno lds number range to achieve the most accurate flow measurement possible. This paper describes the development and performance of a low uncertainty multi - viscosity hydrocarbon liquid calibration facility.

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