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Title: Instruments For The Determination Of Specific Gravity / Relative Density Of Gas
Author: Myles J. Mcdonough, Jr.
Source: 2001 American School of Gas Measurement Technology
Year Published: 2001
Abstract: The terms Specific Gravity and Relative Density have been used for a number of years. Yet there seems to be some confusion over what exactly they mean. Specific Gravity is formally defined as the ratio of gas density to air density when both are at standard conditions of 0 Degree C and 760 mm. Over the years the definition evolved to become the ratio of gas density to air density at the same temperature and pressure, Relative to each other. Hence, the term Relative Density. This is the most commonly used definition today. The fixed or Specific requirement of temperature and pressure, (0 degree C and 760 mm), had been removed over the years.

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