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Title: Basic Gas Laws
Author: William E. Bailie
Source: 1976 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: Matter is the name given to anything that makes up a physical object. Matter can be recognized in three phases as a solid, liquid, or gas. Natural gas is a gas which when it is inserted into a closed container, such as a cylinder or a pipeline, the gas will evenly distribute itself throughout and fill the container. A definite relation exists between three variables: the temperature of the gas, the pressure that it exerts, and the volume that it occupies. If two of these variables are known, the value of the third can be determined or if one of them is kept constant, the relation between teh other two can be established. These relationships have been developed and are known as Boyles and Charles Laws or Basic Gas Laws. Boyles Law relates volume and temperature of a gas when pressure is kept constant. Also, when a gas is confined in a closed container, pressure is kept constant.

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