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Title: Discharge Coefficient Prediction Through A N Orifice Plate In A Round Pipe : Experimental And Numerical Investigation
Author: N. Lancial, m. Arenas, H. Gamel, E. Thibert, N. Dessachy, J. Veau
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: A square - edged orifice is a pressure differential device commonly used for flow measurements in EDFs nuclear power plants. The present study presents experimental data obtained on EDF R&D test bench for an orifice plate and computational fluid dynamics ca lculations (CFD) using the k - e turbulence model to predict velocity fields, pressure loss and discharge coefficient around this device . Investigations focus on flow rate through the circular square - edged orifice in a round pipe at a Reynolds number close t o 8.69 E+05 . T wo pipe configurations have been tested : one with 44D upstream straight length and the second with 9.4D upstream straight length

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