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Title: Real Time Graphical Evaluation Of Gas Pressure Regulators
Author: R. J. Caruthers
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: For the past several years the Southern California Gas Company has been using an improved method of making performance evaluations on gas regulators. This method allows a quick but thorough evaluation before a regulator is actually used in the field. Prior to the development of this new method, regulator testing was done using indicating or recording pressure gauges with an orifice meter or positive displacement meter to determine flow rates. Data was gathered by note taking or from the records made on the circular charts. The old method had the following disadvantages Tedious and time consuming manual tabulation was required steady state pressure and flow conditions were needed so that the gauges could be read accurately and the problems of time correlation could be avoided flow calculations had to be made manually and when comparisons of various flows and pressures were wanted the data sometimes required further manipulation so the results could be shown as a graph.

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