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Title: Measurement Problems Dealimg With And Detecting HS
Author: A. B. Pender
Source: 1986 Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (Now called ASGMT)
Year Published: 1986
Abstract: One of the most objectionable impurities found in natural gas from certain producing areas is hydrogen sulfide (chemical formula HS). In addition to imparting an objectionable odor to natural gas, HgS is corrosive and deadly. It reacts readily with water or water vapor to form hydrosulfuric acid. In the presence of iron and water, It combines to form iron sulfide and atomic hydrogen. Hydrogen embrittlement of the steel pipe ensues as atomic hydrogen is absorbed into the grain which could lead to a fracture. The iron sulfide itself can produce electrolytic corrosion which will result in deep pitting of the steel. An understanding of H2S is important to those whose duties are associated with quality control. The gas quality provision in our customer service agreements specify a maximum of a quarter of a grain of H2S per 100 cubic feet. In order to assure our gas is within this limit, we have installed HaS analyzers to monitor the H2S content at treating plant outlets and at various points on our main transmission lines.

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