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Title: Fundamentals Of Gas Pressure Regulation
Author: Doug Butler
Source: 1983 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: Gap pressure regulators have becoine very familiar items over the years, and nearly everyone has grown accustomed to seeing them in factories, public buildings, by the roadside, and even in their own homes. As is frequently the case with many such familiar items, we all have a tendency to take them for granted. Even the gas man who handles regulators every day as part of his job frequently tends to view the regulator simply as a piece of hardware which fits in the line and regulate pressure. The fact that it will do precisely that, for months on end without human intervention, makes it easy to naintaln such a view. Its only when a problem develops or when we are selecting a regulator for a Tew application, that we need to look more deeply into the fundamentals of the regulators operation,

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