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Title: Effects Of Petroleum Properties On Pipeline Measurement
Author: James E. Gallagher
Source: 2008 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2008
Abstract: Measurement is the basis of commerce between oil producers, royalty owners, oil transporters, refiners, marketers, governmental authorities and the general public. In fact, accurate measurement of hydrocarbon fluids has a high impact on the Gross National Product of exporting and importing countries, the financial performance and asset base of global companies, and the perceived efficiency of operating facilities. An understanding of the process (operating and fluid) conditions, as well as, the physical properties of the hydrocarbon fluids are fundamentally important before designing or analyzing measurement facilities. For simplicity, we will limit our treatise to dynamic measurement applications. Several methods and types of equipment are utilized to achieve accurate measurement. The basic measurement process remains the same --- the act of comparing a known mass quantity to an unknown mass quantity.

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