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Title: A Primary Calibration System For The Support Of High Performance Gas Flow Transfer Standards
Author: P. Delajoud, m. Bair, C. Rombouts, m. Girard
Source: 2006 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2006
Abstract: The practical application of high performance gas flow transfer standards requires means to efficiently and reliably calibrate them with very low measurement uncertainty. A unique primary gas flow calibration system has been developed to support gas flow transfer standards based on laminar flow and sonic nozzle based elements in the range of 2 x 10-5 gs-1 (1 Ncc min-1) to 50 gs-1 (2500 Nlmin-1). The primary calibration system is made up a gravimetric standard up to 0.2 gs-1 (10 Nl min-1) and a group of sonic nozzle based flow elements to extend the gravimetric reference flow measurements to higher values. Any non-corrosive gas can be studied. The gravimetric system measures depleted gas mass real time using a force balanced load cell and an automated taring system to eliminate force measurement drift over time. The group of nozzles uses the extensive nature of flow and a successive addition technique to build up the gravimetric reference measurements to higher flows. The primary calibration system supports a calibration chain made up of a group of laminar flow and sonic nozzle based elements characterized with a variety of gases. The structure of the group allows verification of the coherence of flow measurements up and down the chain and the precision of the chain to be quantified and maintained over time. The calibration chain is used for day to day calibration of gas flow transfer standards. A complete uncertainty analysis for the primary gravimetric system and the calibration chain has been performed.

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