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Title: Calibration Of Rotating-Element Current-Meters Using An Annular Tow Tank
Author: R. lvarez-Breton, E. Dominguez-lvarez P. Cortez-Mejia, J. Martinez-Navarro, A. Aguilar-Chvez, S. Tamari
Source: 2006 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2006
Abstract: Water-filled straight tow tanks are commonly used to calibrate current-meters. However, the use of these facilities is tedious. As an alternative, an annular tank with two rotating arms was built at the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA). Such a facility can a priori simulate flow velocities during an infinite time, provided that the water in the tank remains reasonably still. Therefore the tank has several pairs of buffers to set water at rest soon after the passing of an arm with a meter under calibration. Some tests were performed to evaluate the ability of the annular tank to calibrate rotating-element current-meters. Two Price AA and two Pigmy current meters, which had been previously calibrated in a straight tow-tank, were used for this purpose. Results show that the annular tank can be used to calibrate rotating-element current meters with reasonable accuracy in the range from 0.15 to 3 m/s, provided that: (1) at least eleven pairs of buffers are used, (2) only one Price AA current meter (or a smaller device) is under calibration, (3) water is initially set at rest during 300 s, (4) simulated flow velocities are gradually increased and test duration is not more than 1200 s. Under these conditions, residual velocity produced by the passing of the meter under calibration remains typically smaller than 2 % of the test velocity.

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