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Title: Natural Gas Processing Plant Operations And Measurment Of Gas And Liquid Streams
Author: F. J. Bingham
Source: 1977 Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (Now called ASGMT)
Year Published: 1977
Abstract: The subject of Natural Gas Processing and Liquid Measurement is one of great importance today in the Natural Gas Industry. Liquid product extracted from Natural Gas has become very valuable, especially since the energy shortage. It is interesting to note that at one time in the history of Natural Gas these same liquids were just a nuisance to those trying to transport Natural Gas through pipelines. The liquids referred to are generally propanes, butanes, and natural gasoline. Because of their own individual characteristic, some of these gases would condense under certain pressures and temperatures forming liquids in the pipelines. The liquids collected in low places forming excessive pressure drops in the pipeline flow. As the liquids built up and the rate of gas flow increased, the liquids moved to critical spots effecting measurement, regulators, etc.

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