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Title: Purging, Cooldown, Performance Testing Of Prestressed Concrete LNG Containers
Author: John J. Closner, Robert H. Corvini, Tadeusz J. Marchaj
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: During the summer and early fall of 1974, Philadelphia Gas Works began to supply LNG to two 2000 MMSCF (92,500-m) prestressed concrete tanks from its 26,000,000 SCFD Richmond liquefaction plant. (See Figure No. A1). The liquefaction plant had been operated at reduced capacity, supplying 4,866 tank truckloads of LNG to the companys 11,600- m satellite tank at the Passyunk Plant, and through processing service arrangements, to other users for several years. On December 12. 1975, the performance (boil-off) test on Philadelphia Gas Works prestressed concrete LNG tanks was completed with the impressive results 15-20% below design target. These results are presented later in this paper.

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