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Title: Meter Selection For Various Load Requirements
Author: George L. Bell
Source: 1986 Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (Now called ASGMT)
Year Published: 1986
Abstract: Since the first gas meter, because of technical advances, improved material, economics, and energy conservation, the measurement of natural gas has seen many changes. These changes have occurred in both the theory and practices of measurement, as well as the actual physical meter itself. The first meter, a positive displacement meter, has seen only physical changes over the years which allows the positive displacement meter to measure at an increased volume rate and higher pressure. This meter is still widely used in the industry today. Expanding from this fundamental meter, the industry has come to a point where natural gas can not only be measured In more ways, but also, more accurately. In selecting a specific type of meter for a required load type, the Measurement Engineer should consider all types of meters. The basic types of meters available to the Measurement Engineer and a brief description follr.v.s.

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