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Title: Reducing The Uncertainty Of A High Pressure, High Flowrate Calibration Facility
Author: T.M. Kegel W.R. Johansen
Source: Flomeko 2016
Year Published: 2016
Abstract: This paper describes data acquisition and analyses underway with the objective of reducing the uncertainty of the CEESI Iowa high pressure natural gas calibration facility. The current uncertainty is 0.23%, the target is a value less than 0.20%. Three programs are described: The first is intended to reduce the uncertainty associated with the traceability to the Colo - rado high pressure air facility. A new transfer standard package has been calibrated at both facilities. The second program involves the detailed analysis of extensive check meter data. The analysis results will quantify facility reproducibility. The third program indirectly inter-compares individual standards on a periodic basis. The initial agreement between program results and historical calibrations is encouraging.

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